Water Powered Electricity

A “Water-Electricity Generator” that can power small electronic devices to larger housing units by using regular drinking water to power a generator.

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Safe and Sustainable

Non toxic free of chemicals and acids with 0 pollution. The generated electricity is safely contained within housing, making it safe to store in close proximity of humans. “Waste” in the form of H2 and O2 can be recaptured for further energy use.

Inexpensive and Accessible

At the fraction of the cost and resource to product wind and solar energy, this system requires no existing electricity infrastructure and is ideal for remote hard to access areas such as rural and underground/water locations.

Low Maintenance

Unlike battery or gas powered generators, this technology does not deteriorate while idle and is only reliant on a supply of water. The only maintenance required is electrode replacement every 10 years.

Component Based Design

The product is made of small electronic components, and consists of an electric generator, which scales up or down easily and makes for inexpensive maintenance of components vs. a full system overhaul.

Superior Power

Alternative impulse generator, voltage multiplier, condenser and custom electrodes all make for stronger power. Further, unlike wind and solar energy, the system generates a continuous power supply independent of weather conditions.


The Powercanister system is technology for an electricity generator powered by water. A unique spiral/zigzag shape of Zinc and Copper electrodes submerged in water generate electricity. With the addition of a condenser, alternative impulse generator, and voltage multiplier; useful and stronger power is achieved.

Deposits on anodes are minimal which means the system will last for a long with minimal maintenance. The potential of this technology can be extended with the addition of alternative electrode materials for additional electronegativity difference, load accumulators for higher power over shorter time, antifreeze to water for operation at sub-zero temperatures, collection of “waste” gas for re-use, and more.

Air is breathed in by all living forms and air helps in producing interior energy for all forms activities. Water is in all components of the living things and it represents the ideal electrolyte from all the cells. Minerals, by their diversity and by the difference of their electronegativity help to polarize the energy to be collected.

All these are combined in our generator, to generate a cleaner energy in the most natural way. Powercanister contains no moving parts and relies solely on water. The water inside each of the compartments can be potable or non-potable and does not need to contain added salts, acids or organic substances.

Essentially, you can think of it as an electricity generator powered by water from anywhere. The generator powers itself by taking energy from the matter itself. Generated energy appears because of the potential electronegativity difference between the chemical elements of the metals (electrodes) and the extraction of this energy can be amplified if the correct electrical circuits are chosen.

At Powercanister we are just at the beginning of what is to come. Imagine and dream of the potential of this technology. Zero waste, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and completely portable. Join us in bringing light to new heights!

Invention Advantages

Powercanister Technology DOES:

  • Produce a constant quantity of energy.
  • Provide portability: It can be carried without being demounted, as compared with the solar power-plants or wind power stations.
  • Provide convenience: After being manufactured, it can be easily and practically placed and it produces energy immediately.
  • Allow for subterranean use: It can be buried underground (even a water reservoir) which doesn't take up much space and does not cloud the ground like a solar panel.
  • Provide flexible power: Depending on the generator's volume and on needs, it could ensure on its own the energy requirements are met.
  • Provide alternative power: It can be used to compensate for the temporary lack of energy when other generators are not enough (solar, wind etc.).
  • Provide permanent supplementation: Other sources can be supplemented permanently when more energy is required, with one safe, reliable source which does not lead to unpredictable difficulties.
  • Bring power to remote areas: It can be used in areas where an electrical network cannot be implemented due to terrain, cost, or other factors.
  • Operate in frozen climates: With the addition of anti-freeze to water power is still produced below freezing conditions.
  • Allow for flexible placement: Unlike an accumulator, the generator is useful in difficult or inaccessible areas where constant energy is needed, or where over a period of many years frequent change is hard to do, such as underground, under water or even in space.

Powercanister Technology DOES NOT:

  • Depend on the sun, day or night time.
  • Depend on the wind.
  • Pollute the atmosphere.
  • Pollute the environment.
  • Deteriorate over a period of inactivity, unlike accumulators.
  • Contain acids or salts; consequently, it is not dangerous. It can be used also in agriculture with no problems.
  • Have a high cost: Only in several years (and upon extensive use) will require only the change of the anode's electrodes.

The team

Iuliu Ionescu


Iuliu was interested in amateur electronics and telecommunications from the beginning. A true inventor, Iuliu has been working on several utility patents for the past several years.

He invented the generator my mistake, while wanting to create a mini current stabilizer for his electromagnetic wave meter device.

Working with Alex for the last four years, he developed and raised Powercanister to a different level, giving the opportunity for this technology and these products to exist.

Iuliu currently lives in Romania and holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Economic Studies, in Bucharest, Romania.

Lorant (Alex) Kovacs

Founder & CEO, Powercanister

The son of an electrical engineer, Alex has always had an interest in electricity and how things work. By the age of 6, he had already built his first radio and by the time he was 18, he had finished blueprint drawings and managed the electrical construction of an entire dental lab.

Prior to his work on the Powercanister technology, Alex has been a serial entrepreneur, proud Hungarian, and an involved community member. In 2010, Alex started the largest privately owned Hungarian social networking site Magyar Vagyok.

In 2009, Alex founded the Internet service provider 12Global in Chicago. 12Global is a Gigabit high speed Internet company that provides services to large, midsize, and smaller MTU (multi-tenant units) in Chicago, providing them internet service as well as TV if needed.

His passion for technology, his Hungarian heritage, and his community are what sets Alex apart from the crowd as a true innovator, leader, and entrepreneur.

Alex relocated to Chicago from Romania in 2000 and holds a combined bachelor/master’s degree in electrotechnics and an additional master’s degree in business administration from the University Politehnica Timisoara in Romania.

Zoltán Kabai

Mechanical Design, Powercanister

Zoltan is a dentist and an amateur electronist. He is more of a thinker than a talker. He pays big attention to the smallest details. The Powercanister look and feel was perfected by Zoltan including the ability to stack the units, the inventive way to connect the units together to create more power as well as the implementation of Feng Shui Bagua signs on the outside of the box. No detail was overlooked during the design.

Zoltan returned to Romania after a few years living in Canada and the USA and is preserving his heritage by building a social network site around the Hungarian cultural values.

Zoltan is also involved in many environmental projects and placing a special emphasis on teaching kids to care for nature. Planting trees, building nesting sites for birds (storks, swallows and others) is his favorite spare time activity.


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